Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College

Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College is a provincial school in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Address: Arasady Road, Kantharmadam, Jaffna, 40000
Phone: 021 2 222 346
Founded: 1943
District: Jaffna Education Zone

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]affna Hindu Ladies’ College is one of the famous girls’ schools in Northern Sri Lanka, located close to the famous Murugan temple in Nallur. It is blessed with a physical setting away from the din and noise of a crowded city.

History of Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College

Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College was established in 1943 in a private house with the mission of educating the girls with the earnest values of the soil along with English Medium learning to pilot a successful life. In 1947,the college was shifted with 8 teachers and 110 students to its current venue, which was donated by the founder of the school Mrs.Vishaladchy Sivagurunathar.

Over the years, the school has flourished with highly qualified and devoted principals from India and overseas. The dedicated service of these principals,
Mrs. G. Ganeshan
Mrs. J. Stampalam
Ms. Cleara Motwani
Mrs.Sarojini Rao
Mrs. V. Arumugam
Miss. P. Ramanathan
Mrs. S. Jeyaraja
and Mrs.V. Perinpanathan directed the school in the path of evolution in all aspects.With the untiring effort of the Management Board and the well-wishers of the school, new buildings were constructed and the school was upgraded as a grade 2 school.

The period between 1952 and 1954 was extraordinary in the history of the school. The school motto- “It ought to be beautiful I live here”, school anthem, flag and tie were evolved and in 1956 the school became a Grade 1 school.The state acquired ownership of the school in 1962.

The conflict situation that dominated the country for 3 decades and the mass exodus in 1995 had a dramatic effect on the development of the school and its physical resources. However, with the generous assistance of NGOs and the Provincial Ministry of Education, basic and essential requirements were fulfilled. Through SEMP and ESDFP, the physical resources and learning activities were enhanced.

Currently, Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College is boosted with 2093 students and 91 teachers. The classes lined up from Grade 6 to Advanced level. Both Tamil medium and bilingual classes in all grades are available for the students to choose from. There are 10 buildings, 50 classrooms,4 science laboratories,2 computer labs, and 2 Activity rooms for maths and English subjects to promote child centered activity based learning and teaching process.

Along with curriculum-based education, clubs, associations and unions play a vital role in moulding students to grow as useful citizens to the nation. They provide ample opportunities for the pupils to bring out and develop their inherent talents and a forum back them to give expressions to their skills and talents in particular fields. In addition, they enhance the creativity and healthy sense of independence.

Under the stewardship of the present principal Mrs.M.Vimalanathan the two important bodies, the prefects and the teacher’s guild render a helping hand to the smooth functioning of the school while maintaining the tradition, honour and the standard of the school.

Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College sets various goals and targets to achieve its vision and mission. The Annual Prize Giving,Sports meet, Language day celebrations, Science and Commerce days and Religious festivals are celebrated in this regard.

The achievements in General Examinations like G.C.E (O/L) and G.C.E.(A/L) and the university entrance have remarkably increased in the recent past. The pass rate in the G.C.E.(O/L) was 97% and 96% and in the G.C.E(A/L)69% and 63% in 2012 and 2013 consecutively.

The college students have achieved goals in co-curricular activities. Every year their students secure many places in sports, games, language Day competitions, Math, Science and Social Science Quiz and aesthetic competitions conducted by the Department of Education and other social institutions. They were awarded medals, cash prizes and certificates at divisional, zonal, district, and provincial level and national level. Especially since they obtained 1st and 2nd places in aesthetic subjects in the National level.

They are proud to say that the school has marked its footsteps in global education through ‘Connecting Classroom’ project of the British Council. Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College was awarded the International School Award last year.

The endearing support and the provision of the old Girls’ Association and its immense concern in the overall aspects of school development led the school to reach all its aspirations. Jaffna Hindu Ladies’ College being a prominent school in Jaffna district has produced women of great knowledge and courage who could face the challenges of life.Consequently, playing a vital role in women is education.

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